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Financial Highlights

(As of May 16, 2017)

Dividend (Actual)

Mar. '17 Period
Dividend per Unit ¥8,544
March 2017 Period (6 months)
Dividend per unit forecast announced as of November 16, 2016 was 8,460 yen.
In order to be eligible to receive dividends, it is necessary that unitholders are recorded in the registry of unitholders as of the end of the fiscal period (March 31, 2017).
Payment of dividends will commence on Wednesday, June 14, 2017.

Dividend (Forecast)

Sep. '17 Period
Dividend per Unit ¥8,810
September 2017 Period (6 months)
Mar. '17 Period
Dividend per Unit ¥8,860
March 2018 Period (6 months)
The above dividend forecasts are forward-looking statements. These forecasts are based on JRE’s assumptions and judgment in line with information available at the time of the announcement of dividend forecasts and certain assumptions deemed reasonable in calculating dividend forecasts. As for assumptions underlying dividend forecasts, please refer to the “Financial Results for the Fiscal Period Ended March 2017” announced on May 16, 2017. JRE's assumptions and judgment as well as assumptions used in calculating dividend forecasts may be affected by known or unknown risks, uncertainty and other factors. In the case of events, etc. that differ from such assumptions due to the aforementioned risks, uncertainty and other factors, actual dividends to be paid out for the fiscal period ending September 2017 and the fiscal period ending March 2018 may differ substantially from the above forecasts. In addition, these forecasts do not guarantee the stated dividends.

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